Bruised Ego … what does Innovation World have to say?

I’ve had a couple of discussions over the past week about how innovative one country is over another, how and why etc. It is fascinating and I don’t think many people have a clear understanding or objective POV on this topic (if that’s possible). People can too easily get nationalistic on this subject esp. in the US.

I really think that the ego of this proud nation is bruised when it comes to its innovation stature. This, the land where entrepreneurialsm has thrived under the the umbrella of capitalism is sitting under a cloud on SO many fronts incl. innovation. The country is being blamed for irrational global decisions, including its over ambitious financial innovation efforts (i.e. sub-prime)  that is creating havoc across world markets Anyway these are just a few issues. 

I’m fascinated by this innovation nation debate and am looking forward to reading John Kao’s book Innovation Nation which was published last year.  Jeff De Cagna over at Principled Innovation posted a podcast with John which I’ll be listening to over the weekend. 

I’ll leave this post with one point, the US is in a bit of a pickle in terms of competitiveness and innovation – it is not in a  superior place and this doesn’t feel good. I don’t think any single nation is in pole position on the innovation front. Without a doubt the US will rise above its innovation complacence , the country is too passionate to disreagrd the issue and the price would be too high.  


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