Off to Boston and back in Portland

Its been a whirlwind couple of weeks, I’ve just been focused on the most important things. I’m grounded again after an interesting, first-time visit to the Front End of Innovation conference in Boston, I’m looking forward to the Innovation Immersion event in Arizona, in October. I was very surprised about how uninnovative the conference was and the lack of groundbreaking innovation knowledge. My key takeaway about most of the presentations is that companies are very focused on themselves, reluctant to look outside. Speakers from General Mills and Bank of America were some of the most impressive – they were transparent about mistakes and lessons learned which has made them so succesful.

Net-net, FEI was a very good first time experience. Plenty of people have commented on the 70+ speakers and A.G. Lafley’s keynote which was undoubtedly the highlight for most attendees. It was very timely to hear him speak, his promotions team is very aggressively pushing GameChanger which by and large has received positive reviews although there are some very basis Business 101 concepts, the difference is that he has proven these concepts deliver results. It was pretty cool to hear and see him in person nonetheless although dynamic didn’t come to mind when someone asked me to describe his session.


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