Dear Mr. President Elect Obama …

Navi Radjou “posted a “letter to President elect today on HBR. The piece is pretty deep and sophisticated, typical of Navi who is incredibly learned. To realize innovation strategy, I’d also ask Obama to read about innovation in the industrialization of the UK as much as he has been reading about FDR to learn about leadership. I might suggest picking up the phone to someone like my university professor Bob Fitzgerald, I’m sure he’d make himself available. Anyway, the main reason I say this. While it won’t provide him with a blue print for designing his innovation strategy – it will offer him some best practices and a priceless “aha” moment. By the time he reads about Britain in 2009, he’ll realize that he won’ t want to repeat the mistakes of what was once a GREAT, increadibly innovative country and so he needs some serious action and facilitate negotiation between government, business and academia to avoid writing what may be the last chapter of the book about US innovation, when Malia and Sasha look back in 50 years.

I’m sure many people have a lot of questions and suggestions for Obama, I hope Navi’s letter doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.


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