Disruptive Challenge in Textbooks

There are efforts underway via Portland State University professors to help students manage the ridiculous cost of text books. I was pleased to hear this after I was reading earlier in the month about a book published by An Nguyen, a professor at Stirling University (where I graduated) and I really want to check out, but it costs 150GBP with no simple way to check it out first before making this huge investment. Shame.

Anyway, several industry veterans have started flatworldknowledge.com and Prof. Talya Bauer and Berrin Erdogan are writing one of the first online text books about organizational behaviour. Students will be able to read the text online for free or order black and white printed copt for $30 or so, ancillaries like flash cards are available separately. This is good for learning, the wallet and the environment and the future although I still love the feeling of holding and reading a book … and some underlining in the margins when I have the urge.


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