does your job title really reflect what you do?

I’m trying to figure some things out with regards my current professional role. In an effort to figure this out, Linked In has been pretty much offered the easiest and most effortless way to get perspective on people with innovation in their job title. I’ve wondered more than once, so what does that mean? Do titles even matter?

Some of the job descriptions that I’ve come across imply they’re the only person in their company who is doing new stuff based on all the highfalutin adjectives.  I don’t undervalue or underestimate the importance of innovation but now the new normal in business is something different (continuous operational cost reductions and increased productivity etc), I’m seriously thinking about the need to retire the word innovation in job titles I think we need to get down to what the impact of innovation means i.e. creating ‘new growth opportunities’ My quest continues to explore this  …


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