On My Radar. Off My Radar.

This week, I decided  that I needed a better grasp of the world around me. I’m talking thousands of miles from home. <This does not mean that I’ll ignore the world on my doorstep!> Why? Well, the stories happening in every corner of the world offer perspective. Our perspective is part of our experience. I believe everyone is a product of their life experiences.

Responding to the requests of nations in the light of a Global Humanatarian crisis is an important part of my job; we’ve traditionally given fairly generous funds at times of need. I believe we will continue to do this and support corporations who believe this. As Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR or Corporate Citizenship becomes more aligned with business strategy (rightly so!), we can’t loose sight of our understanding of the crisis that need our attention even when they’re not part of the days’ main headlines. Thus, when deciding on how we want to have an impact, it is important to look beyond the ‘photo de jour’ of tragedy and instead look at the larger context for the ‘hot spots’, trends, needs and organizations that can and will have an impact.

Its been a week since I started subscribing to Reuters Alertnet (Thompson Reuters Net Foundation); granted it is not the most upbeat of alerts I receive or read on a daily basis but its very humbling.


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