Out and About

One of things I’ve enjoyed so far this year has been networking, being out and about with my peers and learning from others. I love it and wonder why I don’t do it more often. I know the answer is simple i.e. that I don’t have enough of it to go and do everything if I want a balance in my life.

Last week, I went to the Corporate Volunteer Council Winter Social, it was great fun. I went bowling for the first time in years. (I still can’t believe I had a strike or two!, the shoes are still pretty gross). While it was less about official business , even in the most informal situations, I find that I learn something. I really enjoyed meeting Claudia Knotek, New Seasons market. The company has a magnificant community and sustainability philosophy, generous program that’s focused on “organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry, educating our youth and improving our environment” . I bet Claudia is full of wisdom, she was a genuine person and wonderful to meet (along with the rest of the crew). Think of New Seasons as a competitor to Whole Foods, but its only in Portland, Oregon. This is one of the things I learned, I was always convinced that it had a network of stores in at least Oregon, Washington and California. This awareness issue is usually the opposite situation that a brand faces. I’m curious to learn more about the company, especially as I’m working to further define our corporate causes and set social impact goals this year.


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