Power of Truth Through Stories

I heard so many stories this evening from volunteers at Tryon Creek Park’s Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Event, I’m still in awe. The stories were SO sincere, heart-warming, filled with personality, humor and wisdom, all pretty typical from volunteers who’ve invested 3000+ hours (each) to the restoration efforts, the stories never lose their impact. The one word which comes to mind about Tryon after this evening is family. They are one big family.

 Tryon Creek State Park is a 670-acre forest located on the boundaries of Portland and Lake Oswego. Lu Beck was the most remarkable award recipient, she received a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award. Lu was one of the most fascinating characters to me because she was one of the forty champions that helped bring the park into being in 1970, she took the idea to Glen Jackson who sealed the deal forty years ago when the state was incorporated as a State Park.

Award from the Friends of Tryon Creek on behalf of my employer Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. The acknowledgement belongs with the employees who’ve worked hard outdoors pulling ivy and the like over the past years. I wish more of them could have joined me. A great part of my job.


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