Play. Have Fun.

It’s been an active, fun-filled summer. We travelled to Washington DC, Southern Oregon and California Redwoods, Yachats, Oregon, San Jose and Santa Cruz, California, to make a few places. Ceri, my eldest sister joined me for some of the adventures. With seven years between us, we have been on many adventures together. When we get together it is a bundle of laughter, peppered with some serious conversations about career, the workplace and jobs. Above all, the one thing that my sister always brings out in me is fun.

Ceri makes fun a priority but it is not surface-deep or an effort. This is who she is and values greatly. For an extrovert, this is not hard. On a continuum, I’m probably a hybrid introvert and extrovert. I’m a dreamer and more thoughtful in my actions. This doesn’t matter. It only shows that fun comes in different flavors. Its a great prescription for renewal and recharge. During the many trips, it was liberating to be distracted from needless worries and to escape the immediacy that we can easily impose on ourselves in our professional lives. Mark Williams is quoted in the book Thrive, Arianna Huffington (page 61), that the brain’s alarm signals start to be triggered by current scares, past threats and future worries. Essentially, we constantly live in the flight or fight mode.

Frank Moore, WWII Veteran, TEDxPortland (April, 2014)
Frank Moore, WWII Veteran, TEDxPortland (April, 2014)

A couple of reflections from TEDx Portland resonated during our travels. The words of a wise and lovable 91-year-old WWII veteran named Frank Moore reminded us, “Don’t think too much” and “you must work hard at the art of living.” Cody Goldberg, founded “Harper’s Playground,” a North Portland playground paradise for children of all abilities. He reminded us that play seeks out novelty, fosters empathy and inspires vitality.

The United Nations declared play the right of every child. I’d love to think that every adult holds the belief that the right doesn’t change after turning 16, 18 or 21 years-old. We always need fresh new ideas, perspectives and experiences. I’m brimming with plenty.


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