The Little Monk

Today was a sunny spring day so I took a walk this afternoon to soak up Beaumont‘s buds, blooms and blossoms. Having the chance to explore the neighborhood mid-week is an opportunity see it in a different light. It is my favorite part of working from home. Even though I’ve lived in the neighborhood for fifteen years there is always a renovation to admire, activity to steal my attention or someone new to meet, often they’re retired. Today, I walked the peace route and finally met the owner of “the little monk” (a garden ornament). The homeowner was tending to the Japanese Maple under which which the little monk sits. While I aspire to master the art of meditation I have a long way to go but on every walk I always find calm in the simplicity of this garden and stop to pause most days for 2, 10 or 30 seconds. I was heartened to learn from the homeowner that this was exactly his intention.  This simple experience captures three things that I want to master.

Finlittle_monkd joy in chaos: It can be hard to find the quiet, value the understated and subtle when we’re so wrapped up in the frenzy and energy of the day but it’s worth breaking free of the chains to get perspective, see life beyond the screen and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Look for beauty in the everyday:  In the clutter, banter, craziness of the day, carve out time to find the little monk in every day. Savor what might appear to be mundane. Be prepared to be amazed or surprised. The tulip in the photo simply appeared, it was not deliberately planted. It looks so perfectly placed.

Listen. Ask open-ended questions. Be curious. Ask good questions. To paraphrase from Buddhism, “If your mouth is open, you’re not learning.”


The Last Lecture

In my eyes Randy Pautsch’s approch to his life’s challenges is admirable and innovative. He is an exemplary example of living life to the full, he has chosen to make the most of his circumstances and sought innovative ways to manage his life journey by teaching others, fighting pancreatic cancer and raising awareness, preparing for his children’s life in unqiue ways (when he won’t be around). The story is hard and the strength which he, his wife has shown is remarkable.  There is no doubt they face hard days together, when I watched the Primetime show this week with Diane Sawyer, I was inspired and sad. There are numerous videos on YouTube …

Why InnoRed?

The color red says so much about someone or something. I love the color and RED were also my initials before I got married. Its a vibrant and  powerful color, I think it signifies risk i.e. putting your neck out and doing something different. Anyone who knows me, will testify that I am not the biggest risk-taker (I’m one of the calucultaed risk-takers!) Well, risk is what innovation is about. Innovations change our world every day and a ton of people talk about it, proclaim to be experts, gurus etc and this is all fine and well, I’m here to talk about those people, events and observations. The funny, absurd, hilarious and smarts. Ciao for now.